Dvd Ram To Dvd_r?

I would like help if possible for a simple probelm! I have a dvdram disc that has a film taped off the box.I can’t back it up onto a dvd-r. Presumibly cause there aren’t any vob or ifo files. How can i do it?? please.

Empty the DVD-Ram to your hard disk - the VRO file is the actual Mpeg file - It can be read by Tmpgenc directly - if not, rename the extension to .mpg and it will be read by all software dvd players - Open any version of freeware TMPGenc (I used 12a which reads MPEG2 files) - go to File - MPEG Tools - Simple DeMultiplex - browse to the VRO or Mpg file on your hard disk and split up the file into seperate audio(AC3) file and Video (Mpv) file. - Go to TMPGenc Author (download the trial version) - go to Source Setup - Add file and add the MPV file created earlier - Create Menu if you want - or directly go to Output and it will Author to your hard disk the entire video by creating 2 Folders - Video_TS and Audio_TS - After completing the authoring - it will ask you if you want to write this to a blank DVD disk - use yr DVD-R or other disk and it will make a DVD disk - Enjoy!! - you can do the actual writing to blank dvd also in CLONEDVD2 and use the option WRITE EXISTING DATA and direct it to the Video_TS folder.