DVD-RAM testing by nero speed

Hi everybody :cool:

My testing disc is a panasonic DVD-RAM disc " non cartridge type " on my GSA-4163B
and its speed is 2X :cool: :smiley:

I didn’t find 5X disc yet… :a

My computer is Pentium 3 and the memory is 64 MB :bigsmile:

Man, you need to get some more ram.

the low speed not from my RAM

I did some test on DVD+R and DVD-R the burst rate was 24 MB/sec :iagree:

5X DVD-RAM are here.


Thanks MR.chas0039 again but this offer I think is for american people :sad:

I am outside USA :iagree:

Did you go to the pub while waiting for the test to complete at 2x :eek: :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: Yes robbi but I found something special

1-No Lead in and no lead out it’s like a removable hard disk " Error checking from the beginning ".
2-I can format this media FAT32 or UDF 2.00.
3-I can do defragmenting for this media.
4-I will not lose lower than 4.37 after format whereas DVD-RW/+RW lose size after formatting.
5-It’s life time is 100,000 rewriting times but DVD-RW/+RW is 1000 times only.
See the picture

I conclude it is a good media for backup usage

Be nice to see some faster ram disks in the uk. As other countries having them now, i expect this will change before the year is out.

Emmm I saw 16x DVD-RAM but not in my country :bigsmile:

When I did FAT32 format for my DVD-RAM disc
I can put files from another computer on the network sharing with the verifying process

But I did another test using UDF 2.00 also on my DVD-RAM disc
I tried to put some files but it wasn’t complete

Also I tested that with DVD+RW disc with UDF 1.50
when I checked write with verify checkbox some times I can’t put files in the DVD+RW via network sharing

The longer cycles only refer to a cartridge based media - which, unfortunately, the LG 4163 cannot handle.

Otherwise, a non-cartridge dvd-ram disc reverts to 1000 cycles.

thanks for information mr Rambaud

but I think you can release DVD-RAM disc from the cartridge and use it without cartridge or am I wrong ?

You are right.

Does the catridge version lasts longer, because it is protected by the cartridge and not an exposed disk. Finger marks and dust etc.?.

Yes, that’s the theory.

You are correct.

It only takes a few seconds to extract the disc from the cartridge/caddy.

so there are diffrences between the cartridge type and non-cartridge type even they use the cartridge for protection

I think they aren’t diffrent.

please tell me ?

There is no difference between the media which I am aware of.

It’s the protection of the cartridge which should give the longer life.

I would be interested in seeing an authoritative source for this theory of 1000 cycles without the case.

What exactly is considered a cycle? Formatting, full erase or just writing a file on it?
Anyway, even in the worst case I could still write a back-up once a day and it would last three years.

The low figure maybe to save themselves money by quoting a much lower life figure than the cartridge type has. Most likely will last longer if looked after well. I’m thinking of people in companies and at home that do not know how to hold a disk or what a jewel case is for.