DVD-RAM Support

I’m wanting to copy DVD’s to a DVD-RAM disc but it looks like DVDFAB Express doesn’t support this at the moment.

Does anybody know if their any plans for future developments to support writing to DVD-RAM discs or does anybody know of software that will take a DVD written to my HDD by DVDFAB onto a DVD-RAM disc for playing back on my Panasonic DMR-ES10EB.

I guess it has some benefits, but dvd-ram pretty much non-supported other than by Panasonic and a couple of other brands…therefore one will not find much support from software vendors. Don’t the Panny’s play R- media(if so cheap), or only the RW-?

The Panasonics do quite a few formats but the reason I wanted particularly to use VRO files was becuase I can try the videos on my Panasonic before committing them to DVD, saving me creating coasters of videos that I will never watch again. A little more research suggests that TMPegnc may do the job so it’r probably best to have a shot with the trial version and see how we go.