DVD-RAM support on Panasonic DMR ES20D

I’ve just bought a Panasonic DMR ES20DEB and a pack of three Panasonic DVD-RAM4.7 discs (type 4, 9.4GB, two-sided).

Problem is the Panasonic doesn’t recognise any of the discs. It looks at them for about 30 seconds, spinning them a few times, then comes back and says Disc not Recognised. Then there’s no Disc Management menu to try formating.

It looks like the recorder should support these discs according to the manual, should it?

Speed-wise the discs are marked 2~3X, and are in cartridges.

The recorder works fine using DVD-RW, DVD-R, and rental DVDs played back. It’s just DVD-RAM so far where it’s just not interested.


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Going by the manual for your recorder, it should have no problem with that media as it will accept single & double sided DVD-RAM Revisions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 and the media you have is Revision 2.1. I would recommend discussing this with the store as to me it seems like this may be a fault with your DVD recorder, especially since the DVD-RAM media is also Panasonic branded.

The only thing I would recommend checking first would be to make sure that the write-protect tab is not set as this would prevent the DVD recorder from being able to initialise the disc.

Thanks for the reply. The protect tab is down, not in the protect position.

I’m discussing it with the store. I bought it via the Internet and its an email conversation at the moment, and at first they claimed the player only supported DVD-RAM for playback - until I pointed out where it says record in the manual. They are now going to try a DVD-RAM disc in one of their players, and if that works for them then I’m going to send them my disc to try (cheaper and quicker than the whole player) before sending the whole player back for replacement.


It was a faulty DVD Recorder. It worked fine with any discs other than DVD-RAM.

Replacement unit works fine.