DVD-RAM struggles to gain acceptance outside Japan



I just posted the article DVD-RAM struggles to gain acceptance outside Japan.

in Japan, but not so hot everywhere else, is the DVD-RAM format. But not for
long, if the RAM Promotion Group (RAMPRG), formed to combat RAM
ignorance has anything to say about it…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10822-DVD-RAM-struggles-to-gain-acceptance-outside-Japan.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10822-DVD-RAM-struggles-to-gain-acceptance-outside-Japan.html)

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This is one of the big marketing misinformation we can get, an a strategic move. just look at the number of drives we can get in Europe except LG. Cartrudge DVD-RAM it is not market at all Panasonic only sell OEM, minimum lot 500 drives Plextor sells the 605 in Japan but not in Europe, even if you ask them if you can order one. And we could add exemples We go to the media side and its the same: finding a 5x RAM disc is like searching for a gold mine, in the stores were they sell the LG supermulti you can not buy the discs and LG doesn’t include blank RAM discs in the boxed drives, so its no surprise the shop owners don’t refer the DVD-RAM capability. And Pioneer sells the 110, but in Europe so far you only find the 110D, that has no RAM support. So, how can we say RAM struggles…no it seems more appropriate to say that RAM is boycotted!!! A


RAM is pretty big in Europe. Panasonic is the best and probably the most common of the TV DVD Recorders in the UK. I myself have two Pansonic recorders and have been using RAM for two years now on a daily basis. I use a LG 4040 on the computer (which came with a RAM disc). I also have a Pioneer 109 which has RAM support (only at 2x though). It is still pretty popular so it is still selling over the 110. THe 110D won’t really offer anything over the 109 except 5x RAM and 8x DL DVD - and DL DVD +.


Could you post any sites witch have guides for RAM use?:+ Have Panasonic VHS_DVD recorder, RAM discs, but dummy me has problems trying to edit on disc.


Ram is damn expensive. It is scratchable too remember - a large scratch will be too much for defect management. I couldn’t get hold of Panasonic ram here, so I got an Optodisc (yeh - chuckle - i didn’t know it at the time) and it puked out on 3 rewrites with a tracking error - NO SCRATCHES! What a waste.


Yes Panasonic sells home DVD recorder with DVD-RAM, so does JVC as well (and don’t know if Pioneer). But for computers its a different story. Yes we have LG, and not much more in Europe as Panasonic has not an agressive strategy and only sells OEM. And it is bad as most Panasonic drives support cartridge discs and this would solve lui-gough reservations - with cartridge no fingers on the disc, no dust no grassy spots. Now we have the hope of a group of manufacturers announcig RAM support - including NEC and Pioneert - but no cartridge I’m affraid+


Ah, and prices are comming down. I bought 5x Panasonic cartridge discs for half the price no protected discs would cost 4 months before+


Who cares!


The Japanese can see the benefits of a great format, obviously. Interesting info on the longevity of old DVD-RAM media versus new media (to confirm my suspicions): http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsId=14923 "Another issue is that the new 16x DVD-RAM media do not support a high overwriting cycle, which means that the discs will perform the best before 10,000 overwrites (100,000 for the 1x, 2x, 3x media). Older media is more reliable on the rewrites by 90,000 overwrites! Even Blu-Ray is said to adopt this new material for rewritables, so it doesn’t look like the reliability of the 3x media will be surpassed for some time (at least in consumer circles). Shame to see the best format for easy drag-n-drop saves give in to the speed hype and offer lower quality media (and no cartridges) of its -R(W) cousins. Still, quite a bit better than -RW’s rated 1,000 overwrites, and still offering hardware defect management, I assume.


oh and regarding DVD-RAM branding. Yes, it’s horrid. Only the geeks know what DVD Multi (and so on) mean. LG doesn’t do anything to explain DVD-RAM (or even offer a UDF driver). Panasonic is basically the only one taking it seriously in their documentation (and hardware) with their drives. IMO, the format should have/could have been the default format for saving data on the computer. But instead the masses are stuck with burning their data to half-arsed “write at once” mediums with the benefits of any other format lost in the noise & hype…