DVD-RAM speeds

The mews page of CDFreaks posted the news from CES where LG shows a 12x DVD-RAM recorder.

So, not yet 16x. I don’t know if there is any connection to some problems with the high rpms that are said to bring down the number of times you can write to a a disc at 16x - quite important as the indication says from
100 000 down to 10 000.

So high speed can come at a cost.

But the main reason for this post:

Any news about NEC’s action to move to high speed RAM recording
and also
any indication about the possibility of 4550 or 4551 to deal with the discs - at least for reading?

What discs? They are not even available yet.

Yes you’re right not faster discs so far but sometimes announcements come well in advance…besides if some kind of firmware can allow reading the new discs it may not be advertised the same way

I’m not sure this will be suitable regarding the experiences with other recordable DVD media and their revisions. :frowning: