DVD-Ram Sees Wrong Disc in Drive

I have: matshita dvd-ram uj-831s on WinXPHome on a laptop. I also use Sonic RecordNow.

Here’s the problem: Say I have a disc in my drive with the label “Projects01”. I eject the disc, put in “Projects02” instead. Explorer will give me the little wait time to “read” the disc, and then it will tell me that the first disc, Projects01, is still in the drive. Even if I explore the disc, I will see all the folders and files that were on Projects01 (can’t load the files, though).

It seems to do this randomly. Sometimes it will change the disc information correctly, sometimes not. The only sure-fire way to make it work correctly is to change the disc, then restart the computer.

Here’s the odd thing, though: My DVD-burning software will recognize the right disc every time - it’s just Windows explorer that doesn’t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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I had the same problem, which was fixed when I uninstalled CloneCD.

Did you install any software prior to this happening?

Nope. Actually, this has been a problem since I got the laptop. Unfortunately, thanks to the way Toshiba works, I don’t get individual application installations - just a big image CD for when, if ever, I would want to reinstall software on my computer. So I could uninstall RecordNow, but I’d have to redo my whole system to get it back if that ended up not being the problem.

There’s a registry setting which can affect this but I don’t know where in the registry it is so I do it with DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn.

With ImgBurn it’s tools ,settings & device. Check Auto Insert Notification & Disable Media Change Notification. These did it for me.

Get ImgBurn - a great image burner btw - from here .

Thanks for the tip, TimC, however, it did not seem to work. I installed ImgBurn, checked Auto Insert Notification, disabled the Media Change Notification, but the problem persists. In fact, my prior statement about the files not working seems to be also wrong. I just removed an installation disc from my drive, and when I inserted another disc, the old disc’s installation program started up.

Any other thoughts anyone? Thanks!