Dvd ram (samsung)

my dvd ram is samsung dvdram . suddenly once at the time of writing I saw that dvd ram cannot write the cd properly . when completion of writing was half perhaps it cannot write properly.
at that time I abort this writing but dvd tray cannot open automatically. I opened the dvd manually. after this case when I have inserted a cd but it cannot read it and at this time full pc was hanged and slow at this moment I cannot any work in my pc.when I exterior my cd from my dvd ram, after this my pc was fully ok.
when I insert any dvd/cd in the dvd ram drive my pc was slow and hanged . I never any work. at the circumstances I was scanned my pc . at that time anti virus get an virus . which is attack in my writer software but after deleting this virus there is no change in my pc. he acts like before. I cannot understand of my dvdwriter problem. this writer cannot read any cd/dvd.
please any one know about this ans.