DVD-RAM really like a HDD?

First post here after copying files to a dvd-ram and trying to erase them. But the free space was no increase. Is that normal? I thought space could be reuse without formatting a dvd-ram (as opposed to cdrw/dvdrw).

I’m using LG GSA-4120B. The dvd-ram was formatted as FAT32 on my windows xp. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi – I also use DVD-RAM and when I erase (delete) the free space returns to as before files were added. I am using XP and have used FAT32.


After I deleted all files & folders (about 800MB) on the dvd-ram using Explorer, I checked the properties of it and Explorer still shows used space of 800MB and free space of 3.xx GB. Only when I formatted it again in FAT32, it show 4.26 GB.

How did you format, copy and erase files on the dvd-ram, Ray? Anyone knows anything that I missed? Please help.



It works now. Just now I tried to copy some files to the dvd-ram and Explorer didn’t do it straight away. Only ‘short-cuts’ appeared. Strange! Different from what it used to be. It turned out that winxp treated it as cdrw/dvdrw. Searching around on the net, I got ‘Remove the built in CD burning’. I really don’t need that so I disable the built in CD burning and tried again. When I remove files from the dvd-ram, the space can be reused immediately :slight_smile:


I format with FAT 32 (and others - the results do not vary the delete process). I generally highlite and hit the Delete Key. Instead of re-formatting try closing the explorer window and reopening it - the result of the deletion should be evident.

Ray :wink: