DVD RAM question

Hi all, I have a Panasonic DMR ES15B DVD RAM capable recorder.

I think I’m OK when it comes to burning a DVD RAM video, having formatted the RAM disk as UDF 2.0; I’ll find out in a few minutes!

But since burning a DVD video takes ages, what I’d like to do is to be able to make a data DVD RAM, by drag and drop or some other method, so I can put mpegs, avi files etc. on the RAM disk and they will play in the Panasonic player just as if I had made an mp3 data DVD or whatever.

I’ve had no luck doing this yet, either by drag and drop in Windows XP or by making a data DVD using Nero.

Does anyone know if I can do this, and if so how?

Many thanks from a newbie,

Is the DMR ES15B capable of playing DivX/Xvid .avi or MPEG2 files (whether they are on DVD-RAM discs or not)?

Hmm, none of these are listed in the manual, but I found some specs online that claim the video recording system is MPEG2 (Hybrid-VBR).

Also, I have myself successfully burned .avi and .mpg files to video DVD -R using standard software, but I haven’t managed to create a playable data DVD -R containing .avi or .mpg.

Does that help?


Yes it probably means your DMR ES15B won’t play .avi or .mpg files. They will have to be converted to DVD-Video first.

BTW ‘MPEG2’ is the encoding system used in DVD-Video, and which just reflects the recording capabilities of your unit.

Thanks. But even converting them to DVD Video doesn’t aloow them to be played on the Panasonic since the format folder is wiped in the process and the player says it’s unformatted.

I’m still keen on being able to use DVD RAM to transfer stuff from my PC to a player.

Just out of interest, what player/recorder would you recommend that can do this and can play mpeg, avi etc?

Thank you.

There are loads of cheap DVD players which will play bare MPEG2 files, XviD/DivX etc, but you would have to check whether they’re compatible with DVD-RAM discs. I suspect most of them won’t be, unfortunately.

Viedohelp.com has a useful DVD player comparison section that would be worth looking through:


Did you try to write your movies to the DVD-RAM, under UDF 2.0 file sys, using the DVD(video)-VR format?
In principle your home Pana should see them - by the way, using RAM try not to finalize them.
You can write this format using a video editor package like Vegas, Ulead VS or Pinnacle Studio, and transfer to the RAM disc by dreag&drop, if you are using the Pana driver or a package that can do it (XP writes but only under FAT32).