DVD-RAM Question

I have the LG gsa-4167b dvd writer and it supports dvd-ram media. I don’t know a lot about dvd-ram. I read that it can be used like a hard disk under winxp. Just indert the media and transfer files in windows explorer. Perfect for backup. Am i right or am i missing something. What kind of dvd-ram media do you reccomend. Also can someone tell me if writing data to dvd-ram is usually fast or slow? Thanks!

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yes…dvd-ram media can be read under xp as a removable hard drive, just like a thumb drive, floppy disc, or whatever…and is pretty reliable media.

Thanks for the reply. What about the transfer speed? Also i saw dvd-ram media at very different prices. For example Panasonic LM-AF120LE 4.7GB is much cheaper than Panasonic LM-AB120LE. Is it because the latter has a cartridge. Why is a cartridge needed? Do i need one? Thanks!

i’d not bother with the cartridged media, the transfer rates are more what your hardware will handle. DVD ram in general is good media, but some reviews on actual blank discs can be found at www.videohelp.com


Is this a good media. It is fairly cheap.

What does the 2x-3x mean. Is it 2x or 3x?

I don’t know for sure, but I think it means that it is 2x for (older) DVD-RAM burners that support up to 2x, and 3x for burners that support 3x or more (like yours). :slight_smile:
I also have this media, and it works fine for me (even if I’m not using RAM a lot).
If I am not wrong, Panasonic is somewhat considered the reference brand for DVD-RAM. :iagree:


Exactly, some burners can them burn only at 2x and others (newer ones) can burn them at 3x. Good media. :wink:

Thanks eltranquil. I dont think i’ll be using DVD-RAM very often so 2x or 3x, i don’t care :slight_smile: