DVD-RAM question



I recently purchased some Optodisc 4.7gb type 2 DVD-RAM discs, but am unable to figure out how to remove them from the plastic cartridges. I am using them in a Panasonic settop DVD recorder which can use either, but my computer requires them to be removed from the sleeve. Both the site and DVD outer packaging say they can be removed, but it’s not obvious to me.

Thanks for your assistance. :bow:


I’ve just got a Verbatim type 2 & struggled for a few minutes how to extract the disc.

For mine I found a small plug on one side of the mechanism that needed to be removed (pusshed out) & then it was just a case of pressing in the release clip on the same side.

I don’t know if that’s a good enough description to help. I would guess yours is similar.


Thanks for your help. :iagree: