DVD-RAM question

In your professional opinion… How important is it to have a DVD-Ram capable drive? Is it only used for data backups? Are there any games or movies that are sold on DVD-Ram disks? Can you see this technology being massively implemented in our lives in the near future?
Please, answer all my questions. If you dont have the time, simply ignore my post. Thank you.

You know you are pretty demanding for a person who apparently hasn’t used the SEARCH function. These questions have all been answered before and you should take some time to read before you make demands. Like all DVD’s, DVD-RAM has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you want to do. I’ll let you research that. Please read all relevant information before you post or simply ignore my post. Thank you.


You’re welcome.

I use DVD-RAM. It is only moderately more expensive because I use fewer discs. It is used for data and video. There is nothing I am aware of only available on RAM and the odds are shrinking every day. No one in their right mind would distribute software this way to the public. This technology is not likely to become part of the daily life of computer users. Even though 16X capability has been developed, very few people would use it and as only 2 drive companies utilize it (one is leaving the optical market at year end) I don’t see Panasonic carrying the torch. Word is their new home equipment is going to use RW.

So, it is fun, it is rock solid, it makes sense if you have DVD recording using it already, it is, without question, the most reliable long term storage available. 5X discs are now down to $7, the LG 4163B is the same price as NEC and Pioneer and performs as well on -R. So you decide. My guess is that in 2-3 years, it will be like the other Panasonic ideas that never quite made it. Remember the Superdisc LS-120? I am glad the media is rated to last as long as it does, in a few years I expect it to be very hard to find.

Thank you for a very thorough reply. I appreciate it.

Hey chas0039, I assume you mean LG here?
Where are you getting this information from?

I read it here but now I cannot find the post. The poster was someone whose opinion I trust who lives in East Asia, but as I cannot find the reference anymore I should probably retract this. It is possible I misread what was written. Sorry about this.

Actually, MORE companies will be supporting DVD-RAM in the near future in their DVD writers (including NEC and others).

No prob. Just thought you knew something there… :slight_smile:

This is interesting. Now I wonder, if NEC is supporting 16X RAM? What next?