DVD Ram question



Is it true that a dvd ram will not play on a typical regular home dvd player?
Cant get mine to play on anything other than the dvd burner Panny e55 it was created with. Thanks Bob


Yes, most consumer units will not play them, most panasonics will because they support it and I think helped develope it. Some of the other DVD/HD recorders use it also like toshiba I believe so others may add support for it. check the specs before you buy. Many dvd rom drives will not read them either, my Lite 166 will, SLOWLY :sad:


This question is addressed in the FAQ. DVD-RAM was really intended for data and not for video.


For DVD-RAM, better have a Hitachi, Samsung, LG, or Matsushita recorder/player/camcorder. Many of them support DVD-RAM and do not support DVD+R.