DVD-RAM question please

Hi, if anyone knows the answer to this it would be appreciated.

I can burn to DVD-RAM on my LG drive even when the Panasonic driver LG supply isn’t running (i.e. when its service and utilities are disabled from running when Windows starts up).

So what is the point of this driver if it doesn’t appear to me to be necessary?

Thank you.

The question is how are you burning? dragging and dropping in windows explorer? do you burn it using nero or some other burning program? are you formatting the media? which format? because there are two formats you can use with dvd-RAM AFAIK: udf and fat32


Yes simply Windows Explorer dragging and dropping works without the driver, when the disk is formatted as UDF1.5/2.0 (haven’t tried FAT32). I could understand software such as Nero being able to burn onto DVD-RAM without the driver.

So any answers folks?

At least in the future windows will support all dvd formats… you can see it there:


Sure :

It allows you to write protect the disk and unwrite protect it, it allows you to format the disk in either UDF 1.5, UDF 2.0 or FAT32 and of course, it allows you to format the disk.


there are no ‘services’ (in the strict Windows Services definition) installed, to my knowledge. If there are, let me know which ones. I know drivers for DVD-RAM and the utils are installed, tho.

Do u have either:
meiudf.sys (DVD-RAM UDF File System Driver)
dvdram.sys (Panasonic DVD-RAM driver)
…installed on your system?

Do a search for those.
I’m pretty sure files can’t be read on the DVD-RAM disc without the proper driver installed, and Windows XP and Windows 2000 don’t come with these by default. Once these are on there, you are good to go with all the dragging and dropping, so I’m thinking you must have these onboard already.

I have made some tests today (Windows XP, LG4082B).
The driver is useless if you use FAT32 on DVD-RAM.
But it is necessary to use the driver if you want to format and write (on-the-fly) into an UDF-formated disc.