Dvd ram problems


With DVDfab platinum and Parasonic RAM disc 3x speed i started to copy my collectionof DVD as a family member( mentally handicapped) is ruining my DVD as well.

I have on my PCTSST cd/dvd w sh w 162c

I tried to copy dual layer DVD via hard disk.
To burn a blank DVD all started well an apparently all went well.
But “burned” dvd wasn’t recognized on DVD player neither on PC by NERO6 .

I found that the dvd burner isn’t backing up DVD ram but DVD-RDL and DVD+rdl and also not HDDVD.

When i bought the disks i asked for dual layer blanks for copying DVD and thatis what was only availalbe in the larger resale shop.

What went wrong???

What can i do???

What limited info i could find for your drive…it will not burn DVD-RAM discs or DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL.

Is your drive burning DVD+R/DVD-R blanks ok?

Maybe someone with more knowledge of your drive will post.

I took a look at your thread:
Please Help: dual copy to single layer DVD
and you were unable to bkup a DL disc to an SL disc.
We have no idea why, based on the little info you provided since this is a simple task.
A few members replied and offered advice, but apparently you never returned to that thread to look at the help that was offered…:confused:

[QUOTE=alexkinnet;2117972]What can i do???[/QUOTE]

From the information thus far, it looks like whatever you’ve tried with Fab has failed.
We’ll be glad to try and help you, but what you can do is what we advised and provide us with the info that we’ve already requested.

sorry again

but only problem is to day DVD Ram
I will look into other threads