DVD-RAM problems

I have a DVD-RAM written by a Toshiba DVR (RD-XS54SU). The video files are in the folder DVD_RTAV and the main video file is VR_MOVIE.VRO. The VRO file is basically an MPEG file. When the Toshiba creates the file from a non copy protected file, I don’t have a problem, but when the source program is flagged for one copy only (STARZ, ENCORE), the Toshiba does something to the file which makes the VRO file useless. It also refuses to store the file on a DVD±R or DVD±RW, hence I am stuck with the DVD-RAM. Neither ANYDVD nor DVDDecrypter will recognize the RAM disk as a video disk so will not attempt to remove the protection. Any suggestions?

I believe that Panasonic DVD Players/recorders will actually playback DVD-RAM discs.

I have an older Panasonic. Not only will it play the RAM disk from the Toshiba it will record from Directtv on to a DVD-R. The problem is I bought the Toshiba (it has a hard drive for easier editing) to replace the Panasonic, but unless I can solve the RAM problem I will be better off junking the Toshiba and doing my editing on the PC.

I received a reply from ANYDVD.

“Sorry. We do not have a solution for this. This DVD does not confirm the
video DVD standard.”

Since this format is written and read by Panasonic and Toshiba, I would suggest that it must be some form of standard. However since I found this problem during the trial of ANYDVD, I can’t really complain because it didn’t cost me anything but some time.

I still have the original problem (how do I copy a STARZ/ENCORE and I suspect any other premium cable/satellite program captured on my Toshiba DVR).

I solved my problem with GODVD (SIMA CT2). It goes between the Directtv/TIVO and the DVR. It removes all copy protection so I can write to either DVD-R or DVD-RAM. If I do write to RAM the CSS protection is not put on it so I can process it on my PC.