DVD-RAM problem with AD-7540A



I got some Panasonic 3x DVD-RAM discs and the drive lets me select 3x speed, but it takes well over an hour to burn the full disc. Full erase also takes over an hour. If it’s burning at 3x, I expect it take 20-25 minutes.

I also have a Panasonic DVD recorder deck that can do DVD-RAM as well and when I tried to do a full erase in Nero on a disc that’s been previously used on the deck, it failed midway and no luck with subsequent formatting.

The disc is now being formatted in my Panasonic deck (it quoted me 70 minutes).

Is there something wrong with my drive?


VERIFY is enabled by default, so the write speed here would be 1.5x for real.

Try nero cd dvd speed to disable it.