DVD RAM problem: DMR ES15

Hi all, I have a Panasonic DMR ES15B DVD RAM capable recorder.

I know I can record DVD RAM using the recorder, but I am unable to do either of the following:

  1. burn a video DVD RAM on my PC and play it on the player;

  2. make a data DVD RAM, by drag and drop or some other method, so I can put mpegs, avi files etc. on the RAM disk and they will play in the Panasonic player just as if I had made an mp3 data DVD or whatever.

I’ve had no luck doing this yet, either by drag and drop in Windows XP or by making a data DVD using Nero.

When I format the RAM disk in the recorder then burn a video on my PC (XP SP2), the format info is deleted and the disk shows up as unformatted in the recorder.

When I format the disk as UDF 2.0 on my PC and make a data DVD with an mpeg or avi file, the recorder says ‘no tracks on disk’.

When I format the disk on my PC and then burn the mpeg using Nero, the recorder says the disk is unformatted.

What can I do? I thought I could save on DVDs by using a RAM disk over and over for videos, but I’m getting nowhere.

Help greatly appreciated,

RAM discs do not use DVD-Video format, (like DVD-R), they use DVD-VR format. Record one on your Panny and look at the files on your PC, you’ll immediately see the difference.

Some DVD burning programs do support the VR format, so you could, in theory, create one, copy the files of a UDF-2.0 formatted RAM disc and it should play on the Panny. That said, not all programs create VR discs that will play on the Panny, there appears to be some compatibility issues with VR, and not all are created equal.

The Panny does not support reading media files off of DVD as far as I know. MP3 is probably limited to CD’s, and AVI and MPEG files are not supported at all AFAIK.

Thanks very much for that.

Once more, as usual, I find that there are so many compatibility issues with DVDs and CDs of all types, so many formats, and so many complications that I truly yearn for the days of VHS and Beta! (:frowning:

The Pannys approach RAM as a sort of a VCR, where you can record in multiple sessions, erase titles and so forth. This is what VR format was really designed for. They don’t really intend for you to use the recorded RAM disc elsewhere, or use it to transfer video onto the Panny. From that perspective, it does what it’s supposed to do. I use it to transfer video to the PC, simply because it doesn’t require formatting or finalizing, and it’s nearly instant recording when I put the disc in. RAM and VR format pre-date DVR’s, and in some respects have been replaced by DVRs.


Given what I want to do - transfer video from my PC via RAM to my player - what player/recorder would you recommend that does all the stuff I wrongly thought the Panasonic would? E.g. that plays mpeg, avi on a RAM disk (or even regular DVD) and so on. Burning DVD video takes ages. And RAM will save disks.

Thanks for any advice on models for this,