Can anyone tell me what the main difference is and what advantages one has over the other. I used to use CD-RW with either Direct CD or InCD, but lost some data and had major disc reading problems after only a short time (6 - 12 months). :sad:

I like the flexibilty of the formats, but i am now very cautious. Is DVD-RAM more reliable?


DVD-RAM is way more reliable than DVD-or+RW.
DVD-RAM has the advantage that it can be written to like a floppy in Windows Explorer.
But while most DVD-Rom drives are able to read RW many cant read -RAM discs.
For backing up data DVD-RAM would be better.

also dvd-ram can be written about 100,000 times whereas dvd*rw can be written only 1000 times or often less(depends on media quality and age)

Never tried DVD±RW, but I agree that DVD-RAM owns, as far as I can tell…

I wonder why it isn’ that widely spread…

Maxell 5x DVD-RAM for 19,000 Won in Seoul.


That seems to equate to ~ £9.50, or US$18.00 or €13.40. :eek:

I have just some for US$7.60. :slight_smile:

Right. More like US$20 now including 10% VAT. BeAll 3x DVD-RAM made by Matsushita costs 8,000 Won by comparison. More than 2x cheaper.

I can buy 3x speed Panasonic dvd-ram in the UK for around £2.79.

As you say, much cheaper than the 5x discs.

16x DVD-RAM media will cost probably US$50 per disk. :sad:

16X DVD-RAM is coming out?
Which drive can write DVD-RAM at 16X?

Not sure, but it looked like Hitachi-LG were planning to release a drive that supports 16x DVD-RAM in early 2005 which is now. :slight_smile: Let’s see whether it was a vaporware for DVD-RAM marketing or not.

You know I’m waiting for it. But $50 US sounds a little extreme for one disc. Even worse than the $10 2.4x +R DL discs out there now. I’m still gonna buy it though! :slight_smile:

I was only joking being also sarcastic. If 16x DVD-RAM media are really going to appear by the end of the Q1, it would be more like US$10 rather than US$50 per disk. The problem is that rewritable cartridge-type Blu-ray 23GB already costs almost US$10 per disk.