DVD-RAM newbie questions

I have a LG GSA-4167B and Nero Express 6 latest version and winxp sp2 with Panasonic 5x media.

Now I want to use this format for backups of data.
I don’t need the drag and drop feature just yet.

Does the drive do the read verification itself or does Nero? I can’t tell and I’m burning a backup right now. Nero said a total time of burn around 19 minutes at 5x for around 2.5 Gig. Is that time right for the write and read verification total time? :confused:

The size burned mentioned in first post is 3.35 Gig according to Explorer and it took 21:19 minutes to burn completely according to Nero. My mistake on those values.

Also I noticed that those panasonic hacked drivers mentioned in LG FAQ don’t seem to work. Those here.
How can I verify that those are installed. I used the for xp. I ran it and a command window came up but very rapidly disappeared.
I may want to use the drag and drop option after all.

Also since InCD has been updated to:

Current version:
Release date: March 31st, 2006

I was wondering if this one is still very buggy? Because I have a funny feeling that I can’t use those hacked drivers mentioned above.

I would get InCD of your system strait away !!! Or it will cause you no end of Troubles with everything on your system. When I had InCD I even had problems with my car lol

I been using the Panasonic hacked driver and haven’t had any problems with! Have you tried using the older one dvd_ram_xp_5018 ??? Give it a try and see how it works. But the newer one the should also work you might need to try and reinstall it but first uninstall the InCD rubbish it might be stopping your Panasonic Ram driver from working . If you are still having problems post back and we will try and sort it out for you.

The verification of integrity is part of the DVD-RAM specs, no matter what package you use.

Pana drive puts format facilities in the menu that shows when you right click you mouse over the drive letter, exactly as InCD does - therefore you can see they will not be happy together…unless you are able to run them at dif times, if you install both you are probably after probs.
In you case maybe the RAM-driver did not even install.

One of the good things about RAM under XP is that if you are happy using FAT32, you will need no writting software at all…the O/S can format your discs and you just drag and drop as you do to HDD.

Umm, trying not to offend, but your attached image says ‘FAT 32’ in the ‘format type’ slot. Volume labels don’t mean much to me. I think that windows is moderately smart enough to detect the type of file system.

But the newer one the should also work you might need to try and reinstall it but first uninstall the InCD rubbish it might be stopping your Panasonic Ram driver from working .

I installed those after un-installing InCD. Remember I’m using xp SP 2. That might have some significance considering the DEP stuff it has. Unless maybe the 2 Liteon drives that I have, that are on one IDE cable on Primary/IDE 1, are causing problems with the hacked drivers install. The LG drive is on Secondary/IDE 2 by itself as Master on the end connector of cable. I have a SATA WD 74Gig Raptor on a KV8-Pro 1.1 mainboard.
#1 IDE 1 SOHW-832S Master
#2 IDE 1 SOHD-16P9SV Slave

I still need some type of verification method that those drivers are in fact installed. I searched for meiudf.sys after running the exe and nothing was found.

Well guess what. Both of those hacked XP files are only 17 KBytes in size after right-clicking and saving. They are the exact same size in Windows Explorer. I guess that I have some funky files.
According to what I see on the, he had added some stuff namely the DVD-RAM utility. There should be a difference in size, right?

Edit: I checked the 2K files also and they are exactly the same size, according to Explorer, as the XP files. I guess the links are dead now. I didn’t get any virus warnings from McAfee but that may not mean anything. I have no idea as to what I downloaded now since ALL 4 files are the exact same size; are they the exact same file???

I guess I’m stuck with InCD. Nero probably has fixed some stuff. Gotta try it and see.

Yes they should be a different size Dvdram_xp_5018 should be 1.90 Mb and
Dvdramdrvxp5021 should be 2.489 Mb. Where did you download your files from??? I would check for Viruses or Trojans because they are not the correct files.

I got them from here at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1229384&postcount=20
which was what I posted in the ‘here’ link in my second post of this thread. Not meaning anything to you or anyone else, just in case. I got that link from here at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1289260&postcount=3

I guess those file links are dead for all intents and purposes. I’ll try to get a hold of mobilenvidia since he posted about a week ago and tell him what’s going on with those links unless maybe a mod’s presence might help???

Thanks for the heads-up, coathi - I’ll check my own file sizes now! I linked to mobilenvidia’s files a week or so back, but folk seemed to be having problems accessing the files.

I think the files may be hosted here at CDF somewhere, I’ll try and dig up a link. :slight_smile:

Edit: Whew, according to Explorer, 5021 is 2.08MB, and 5025 is 1.95MB.

ton80, sorry when you say “I think that windows is moderately smart enough to detect the type of file system” you’re right.
But for DVD-RAM you have either FAT32 or UDF formats (file sys), and XP can recognize FAT32 and NTFS as legit.
DVD-RAM doesn’t support NTFS, so when you format a disk using XP you have to tell it to format as FAT32 (its the only option you have available there).

I keep some DVD-RAM driver files in a directory on my server.
Have a look here http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers/dvd/
Here you’ll find Panasonic DVD-RAM drivers v5018, 5021 and 5025
These are not NOT hacked drivers they will install on all machines.
The above are the latest drivers out there.
There are both XP, 2K and x64 versions for some of the Drivers.

Just download, extract and run setup to install.

I would also recommend to stay away from INCD as this also causes me oodles of DVD-RAM problems, but my car is not affected :wink:

Hope this helps.

Ok, got the driver now. I hope I didn’t offend anyone yesterday.
Thanks to everyone for their responses. They helped clear up the fog of confusion.

In response to my questioning of the attached image by coathi, I wasn’t thinking of NTFS. I was looking for some version of UDF in his format type slot which I didn’t see. I just now made the connection of what program he was using. :o
Sorry if I confused anyone. I didn’t intend it. I’m confused myself nowadays with all this new-fangled technology. :eek:

Wow, this panasonic driver is good. Thanks mobilenvidia for including that pdf help file with them. It cleared up a lot of questions about what options I should use.