DVD-RAM model for PC?

I’m looking for a DVD burner for my PC, but want one that plays/records onto DVD-RAM since my home unit does so & I want to be able to copy home made videos I make with it to DVD-R. Can anybody recommend a good DVD Burner for PCs that also accepts DVD-RAM?

Pioneer 110 or LG-4163

LG GSA 4163B (already out), GSA 4167B (almost here), Pioneer 110 (almost here), TEAC DV-W516E, Toshiba SD-R5372V, NEC ND-4550A or Panasonic SW-9585.

If your DVD-RAM recorder accepts cartridge type media, SW9574C is the best choice. DVD+/-R writing quality is not so bad at 8x speed. Booktype of DVD+R (single and double layer) automatically changes to DVD-ROM when burning is DAO mode. But availability of SW9574C is questionable, and SW9574C is rather expensive than other DVD-RAM drive.

I would go with Hitachi-LG. With cartridge type media you can remove the disc from your cartridge so that should not be a problem. The Pioneer 110 is not out at this moment (the Pioneer 110D which is available has no RAM writing). Teacs newest drive is a nightmare with burn quality (YSS has given up on TEACs drive). NEC RAM capable drives are not out yet and Panasonic have problems with high speed burns (8x burns are OK). I think with Toshiba-Samsung drives the ability of RAM writing is only available with Toshiba made drives.

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