DVD-Ram Invisable footage

Hello, I recently purchased a mini-dvd camera from panasonic, as well as some dvd-ram dvds from panasonic. I record professional paintball players and make movies. When I put the dvd-rams in my computer, I have no problem changing them from .vro to .mpg, and I can watch the entire video in nero showtime. When I highlight the video, it says the video is only 4:19 (or another short amount of time), when the video is actually 20 minutes long. Each dvd is just over a gigabite, and when I highlight over them, they are still a whole gigabite, so the whole video is still there. When I move the video into an editing program, only 4:19 of the 20 minutes moves into the editor. (the length displayed varies on each dvd.)

I’ve called panasonic and they gave me a run-around for 2 hours, and I’ve been searching this problem for the past 14 hours. I would appreciate any help I can get.

TLDR: I use dvd-ram dvds, when I put them on computer, the computer reads them as shorter than they are. I can watch the whole thing in nero showtime, and they are the size of a full dvd-ram dvd, but read as if only a few minutes have been recorded on the dvd-ram.

Thanks guys and gals :slight_smile:

desperate for help

how do you convert from VRO to MPEG? Do you just rename the file extension? http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/index.html I use TMPGEnc for changing and editing my VRO files to normal DVD video - you can download trial version - I think you get 21 days free.

Yep, I just copied the .vro file from the dvd onto my c drive then renamed it .mpg

edit: thanks for help, I’m scoping out that program now

it isn’t letting me convert the .vro file in stage 2/5


I found a .vro converter and it also said the video was only 4 minutes.