Dvd-ram help

hello. I just brought a pioneer DVR-A10 drive for wiritng the ram discs. i heard that winXP supports writing to dvd-ram discs directly but it requires some kind of driver. if possible i would want to avoid using InCD.

does anyone know where i can get the driver? i am using winXP Pro SP1.

DVD packet reading is supported now within the file explorer program but the special formatting for packet writing will only be available in the next version of Windows Longhorn aka now Windows Vista. You will need to use 3rd party software. Roxio’s, Nero’s or someone else’s version. The driver which supports the Universal Data Format (UDF) file system is already on your system. Probably … windows/system32/drivers/Udfs.sys but as I said MS will only develop it’s own application in the next version of windows. The one they currently use for cd packet writing is under licence from Roxio.

hey thanks for replying. i tried using InCD as you suggested, but its giving me problems, always refusing to load properly. i just tried to format a RAM disc with FAT32, but windows just said ‘unable to format’

am i missing something?