DVD-RAM help...details inside

hi i have a SONY DRU-720A Dubel Layer Burner and i have a
Maxell Rewritable DVD-RAM disc and i cant burn stuff onto it i have tried formatting and it dosnt work…i had a look around and saw something about
DVD-RAM drivers and someone posted some drivers for LG and Panasonic…
i had a look for sony drivers for my burner but couldnt find any…if this is the problem could someone please help finding the correct drivers…i would appreciate it…

Thanks :slight_smile: :cool:

The Sony DRU-720A is not a DVD-RAM burner. To be able to burn DVD-RAM you have to have a Burner like the Panasonic, Hitachi or the newest NEC or Pioneer etc. So I am very sorry to have to tell you that you cant burn DVD-RAM with your Sony Burner. There is also no way to make your Sony drive burn DVD-RAM.
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Ok thanks for the info…i did have an LG burner not sure what model its still lying around i only had for a few months before i got the sony maybe that can burn DVD-RAM
ill have to check…
now that im thinking about it im not sure what DVD-RAM is…i thought it was a dvd-rw but i guess its something new…maybe you could shed some light on it for me…and also about the cartridge part…


i do have a sony dw-s22a in another computer in the house will that burn DVD-RAM?