DVD-RAM has 'unformatted'? itself

I have an LG 4082B that I use to back-up on to DVD-RAM. One of my DVD-RAM disks cannot be accessed. the drive icon shows it as a CD-ROM. Can anyone suggest how I can again access the disk data and why it seems to be unformatted? If I try accessing it there is a ‘no disk in drive …’ error message.

I’ve seen this happen before… it’s not the DVD-RAM disk… do you have another DVD-RAM disk that you can test to see if it is recognized ok ?


I have - it did at first - now it doesnt recognise ANY media!!!

Looks like your burner’s dying. Try the drive in another PC just to be sure. If problem persists, contact LG or the store you got it from to get a replacement.


Have you tried re-installing the DVD RAM driver