DVD-RAM good for data archiving?

I dont really know much about DVD-RAM but the little I’m reading it seems to be better for data archiving than DVD+/-R. I have a large CD collection I’m slowly ripping and encoding to flac for archiving. I dont have the money to spend on tape drives so thats out of the equation. I’m torn right now between buying a large 300+ gig external hard drive or back up on dvd-ram discs, only downside being I’d have to find somewhere to store many many dvd-ram discs

Someone school me on this

After LG GSA-4163B, I have now an LG GSA-4167B

This allows to use DVD-RAM, but so far works (well) only on Linux.

On Windows, it does not seem to be any driver support (that I know), I bought an OEM drive and LG web site provides only firmware updates.

DVD-RAM writing is slow, compared to a hard disk.
It is like having a 5GB floppy drive…

I also make the mistake to reformat a couple of my DVD-RAM and they do not work anymore.
I would like to get the proper software to reformat an LG DVD-RAM media.

LG annouced a much faster (X15) DVD-RAM drive, the H10N, that I would love to get, but so far not available.
I am also wondering who can provide the media, I could not even get X5 media, only 2-3X from FUJI.

DVD-RAM is one of the best solution for quick backup, and I hope it will get better support, shortly.
I am also very happy with LG, they replaced quickly under warranty one of my two dvd writers which died.

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Hi :slight_smile:

I use DVD-RAM for backups myself, although I can’t say I know too much of the technical info.

From what I’ve noticed, RAM definitely seems more reliable than DVD+/-RW - it verifies the data as it’s writing it, which may account for the “slowness” of it. I’ve had a couple of discs on the go for about a year, backing stuff up incrementally, and no problems so far writing to them, or reading the data back off them.

Windows (XP) itself supports formatting and using RAM with FAT32, under “Disk Management”…so as mentioned, it can be used like a big floppy in Explorer (drag’n’drop).

You don’t mention which burner you have, but there is a hacked Panasonic RAM driver that will definitely work with LG drives - I use it myself - and will allow you to format to UDF. I have the two LG drives in my sig, BTW.

I don’t have a link to the file at the moment, but it’s hosted on CDF somewhere. A search might pull it up for you.


It’s not necessary to go in disk management. You can simply right click on drive letter in windows explorer and select “Format”.

Hey, you learn something new every day…told you I only knew a little about it :bigsmile:


There is another thing, but I don’t know if it occur only in my computer of is it a general thing. When I format a disc, my machine is sort of “frozen”. I can’t switch between windows and sometimes I can’t use mouse. After format finish (about 30 min), computer is again working correctly.

Do you have the same issue? I used WinXP without any driver installed.

Wow…I never had that issue, but then I use the driver (with XP, and I tend to use UDF). :eek:

I’ll try formatting a new disc to FAT32 in Explorer as you said, and see if I get the same problem. :slight_smile:

Edit: nope, sorry, I can’t try it…every time I try and format, DVDForm (the driver) kicks in and wants me to use that.

I can try on the other PC on Wednesday, the driver isn’t installed on there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the test [B]Arachne[/B] :flower:

To be sure that is a windows problem, you should uninstall panasonic drivers, because how can you know if are XP drivers or Panasonic ones to do the formatting?

It’s not so important actually, so please don’t mess up your computer :disagree:

:doh: you edited your post

As I said, I can try it on the other PC (with an LG4167), I haven’t installed the Panasonic driver on it yet anyway. But that will be Wednesday, is that OK?

I won’t be messing up my PC, I’d be happy to try it. :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m not in a hurry :flower:

Thanks for testing :bow: :bow: :bow:

I would personally suggest either just finding a good price on a HD (you can get a 300GB HD for about $80 when on sale and buy an enclosure for about $25), or just use GOOD DVD+R/-R media and store them properly. Either route would be cheaper and easier (-R/+R easier because of the faster burn speeds available, requiring less time). Good media with a good reputation for stability such as Verbatim MCC media should be a safe enough bet IMO and would be alot cheaper than DVD-RAM media. This is not a knock against DVD-RAM media, I like the format, but for your purposes I don’t know that it is the best choice.

As Arachne already mentioned, Window$ XP has built in write support for writing to DVD-RAM discs with FAT32. Window$ 2000 can read DVD-RAM discs but won’t write to them. For both flavours of Window$, you can install Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers (the DVDForm thing Arachne mentioned is part of it) which will let you write to DVD-RAM discs with UDF1.5/UDF 2.0. Those drivers are available in this forum but I’m too lazy to dig up a link for it right now. :wink: Yes they work fine on both of your drives. I have both drives too and have tried the drivers on each.

I found that my 4163B will not write to DVD-RAM discs formatted as UDF 2.0 but they work fine with UDF 1.5. My 4167B works fine with either format. Anyway, I think you should try those Panasonic drivers. You can use them to reformat your DVD-RAM discs to UDF 1.5. See if that does the trick.

Actually, the H10N is a 12x DVD-RAM drive, not 15x. Lite-On announced that they were developing a 16x DVD-RAM drive, but so far nothing else has come out of that.

If you live in the US, you can get 5x DVD-RAM straight from Pansonic’s website. I suspect you are not located in the US, though.

I do use good media (TY) but I’ve had problems, my burner is probably crapping out (its about 2 year old and probably has 500+ burns on it) on me maybe I should get a new one first and see if my problems go away