DVD-RAM - Full format required (once) for full speed?

i have a LG GSA-H12L and a Verbatim 3x DVD-RAM (media) on XPSP2 with Panasonic DVD-RAM Driver Ver
I benchmarked with a single 100MB file and another 100MB small files and it had terrible speed. I stopped the write time manually by stopwatch and 100MB needed 03:37min. That’s proud 483kB/s.

Then i tested with Nero DiscSpeed4. The first 300MB were ok (1.41x Speed) but the rest slowed down to 0.34x Speed. Is it because the disc was never written before on that area? I think the disc was just quick formatted (UDF 1.50) all the time.

Do i have to do a full format first on blank DVD-RAMs to get full speed?

Its incomplete since its still running.
Ignore ‘buffer’ and ‘cpu’.

I’m not sure, but I read at several places a full format increased the speed for later writing operations. I guess you can give it a try, you’ll makenothing wrong and you can’t destroy something.
A full format lasts at least 30-45 minutes if I remember correctly.

Indeed, if the sector wasn’t formatted before it will be done so on-the-fly at first access slowing down the write process even more.
I stopped the first write test exactly at the position where it started to slow down in the second test.

Virtually all RAM discs come pre-formatted. A physical formatting with the Panasonic driver simply maps bad sectors. My best guess for the posted issue would be either a defective disc, an incompatibility with the burner, or a bad burner.

I think its not exactly formatting. It may be an initial (exhaustive) verify. Every sector has to be checked (and tagged) once by an advanced test to make sure the media is in good shape. Such tests are intended to be done at users home not in the factory.

I’ve seen this before by Maxtor HDDs once. Since no one knew this at first they lost all benchmarks. I don’t think they’ve done this again… :bigsmile:

I’ve done a full format (needed 01h:45m with 700mb already formatted). Everything working fine now.