DVD-RAM Formatting problem




I tried to format a DVD-RAM with my new LG GSA 4082B drive using InCD 4.2 (the last version). I used the option “with verify” but it was taking too long so I shut down the computer before the formatting was complete.
After reboot, I cannot format the disc, neither erase it with either INCD or Nero.
What am I to do ? Is the disc ruined, or maybe I should use some other software to do the formatting or erasing ?
Thanks a lot.

P.S. : when I try to format it, it starts then very soon it says error “writing disc”, or something like that.


hmm. Tough one. Have u tried formatting to different formats (FAT, UDF 1.5, UDF 2.0)? Have u tried with and without the “execute physical format” item checked?

What utility are u using to format?
I don’t have that LG, but I assume you are right-clicking on the drive in My Computer and formatting that way, having DVDForm dialog come up?


cynicalbastard: thanks for the reply. I formated the DVD-RAM using InCD 4.2 - exactly like you would format a DVD+RW for example. They say this version of INCd has support for DVD-RAM.
At the time I didn’t have DVDForm installed. I installed it afterwards, but now each time I launch it (with the bad DVD-RAM inserted) it says something like “Drive not connected or media not inserted”.
I don’t have an option “execute physical format” in INCd. I suppose it’s in DVDForm, but as I said, it doesn’t even launch.

Maybe someone can tell me what other formatting/checking utilities are there for DVD-RAMs that are compatible with GSA-4082B.
Btw, is DVDForm available from LG - I downloaded it from Panasonic - maybe it’s more compatible with my drive.