DVD-RAM formatting possibilities

My situation is simple: I need an application that will write a DVD-RAM with solely ones or solely zeros.

After having read the first sticky in this forum, I was disappointed to find that the writing process is not simply a ones-and-zeros sort of thing. This is of course the case for CDs, where pits are the mechanism of contrast. For DVD-RAMs, however, the mechanism is a phase-change, resulting in a reflectivity change, which may have different restrictions and standards for reading. It might be instructive for someone with the knowledge to post a similar treatise for DVD-RAMs.

And so, my question stands: Is it possible to find/write an application that would override the usual formatting options and allow me to write exactly the binary that I want?

Skip this part if you don’t care about the backstory…
The backstory is that I’m doing research on the physical mechanism of phase-change materials used in optical recording media. (Somehow, we managed to create a useful technology without actually understanding the underlying mechanism. Wierd…) There is one group working on it now, but my group doesn’t necessarily think that they have the mechanism right. And so, in order to look at the stuff properly, we need an area of switched material about 4 sqauare mm to shoot x-rays at. Our hurdle lies with our lasers. We’ve been depositing our own phase-change alloys and attempting to laser-switch them with green Ar lasers, but we’ve hit a snag with the power output. What we’d really like to do is to use a commercial DVD-RAM product and write the whole thing as a bunch of ones or a bunch of zeros. That makes it easy to analyze, and we could switch the material until it failed, allowing us to discover the failure mechanism. With that knowledge, we could be able to find a different, longer lasting material for use in the next-generation of optical storage.

Simple situation indeed, there’s none.

Yeah. The situation is simple, the solution is not. Unfortunately, we’re probably going to have to reinvent the wheel, here.

I have written such tools…
for my work
these are basicly ASPI32 (-> FrogASPI) based windows 32bit console apps.
I will check to supply them somehow…

P.S.: just drop me an PM and give me your email

Oh really ? How do you get a 01010101010 sequence on the disc ?

At least for the user data area this seems to be quite simple by Write10 cmnds where the the data contains the 10101010 bit pattern. Or did I get something wrong here?


What you’re missing is that there’s a long way between the bits you
want to write and what is actually stored on the disc. And along the
way there’s a RLL(2,10) encoding, which prevents you from having this
raw sequence on the disc.