Dvd-ram first-time user help

finally had a chance to get some dvd-ram disks for use in my LG 4163. these are panasonic 2x-3x 9.4 gb double-sided on removable cartridge.

i copied some files from my hard drive to the 4163 and it shows “files ready to be written on CD”. but i can’t find a way to these files actually written to the media.

after turning off the CD recording in windows the files are now gone and i could not drag files to the 4163 anymore.


Sounds like you may need to fromat the dvd-ram disc.

Either FAT 32 (using Windows XP Format command) or the DVD-RAM formatting utility (Panasonic, BHA etc), which should have come with your drive, if you got the Retail version.

Or Nero’s InCD can format also, I believe - but I don’t use InCD.

thanks for the reply sir rambaud. finally found a post by kenshin about dvd-ram usage. i was mistakingly looking for dvd writing software when i should have been looking for drivers instead, for udf at least.

I don’t use any driver and I have no problem.