DVD-RAM firmware update for the PX-760A?

I was so angry after I finally bought the 760a :a . Seems every drive out now has the DVD-RAM feature. Is it possible a new firmware wil make the Plextor compatible with DVD-RAM. Or is it in the mechanics of the Drive. :confused:

I have a new Sony with this feature and I really like using the drive this way. :iagree:

Does anyone know if flashing the drive will give the Plex DVD-RAMability?
Thank you verymuch :bow:

There is no ‘crossflash’ available for Plextor drives, since they are of Plextor design. Plextor itself would have to implement the RAM-capability. AFAIK the electronics used (Sanyo chipset) would allow for RAM support, but i don’t know if the laser unit used would support it. (R, RW and RAM use different levels of laser power).

PX-750A, PX-751A are the Plextor drives that support DVD-RAM. They are rebadged TEAC and BenQ (set of BenQ technolgies added to the aforementioned TEAC) drives, respectively. Both models support DVD-RAM 5x. A RAM firmware update for the PX-760A won’t ever happen I guess, but according to the package a Mount Rainier firmware update will happen in the future.