DVD-RAM / DVD-ROM / DVD+ / DVD - ... agh!

Hi … I brought a Compaq Satellite P15-S409 Laptop and it came with a DVD Multi Recorder. I had a look in the Device manager and it says my drive is: MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-811
(Win XP Home)

I read up about DVD+ and - … AFTER that fact that I brought + DVD’s! AGH … and I only started searching online as to WHY they wouldn’t work on my spank’n new toy!

I also read up about ram and rom … RAM is just a better version of ROM? I didn’t read much. HAHA

Anyway, my main question is … can I get my DVD+R and DVD+RW DVD’s to work with this writer???

I thought it was software problems … but after trying dif software, updated, etc … still the same.

Anyone help a newbie? :smiley: Thanks

DVD-RAM is superb if you want to be able to drag and drop. It is much slicker than the other formats.

I think DVD-multi means it is DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM. Unless your drive has the rw logo then I think you cannot write to DVD+R.

This drive is definetely a DVD-R/RW and DVD-Ram, have used it before in an Acer laptop. Good drive :slight_smile:

So the answer is: NO!

Crap … anyone wanna buy some DVD+R and DVD+RW 's???

haha … thanks for your help guys.

You’re welcome

Just use -R or Ram with your drive and you’ll be fine, oh give those +Rs to a friend in need :wink: