DVD-RAM driver



i have a BenQ DQ60 and i find that i cant format DVD-RAM with the UDF like i like it can someone help me with a dvd-ram driver so i can



if you want to use Panasonic’s drivers, then search the subforums for LG, Pioneer and NEC drives. There (especially in the LG forum) you will find some very useful discussions (download included).
If you run Windows 2000, you should also check the subforum for Liteon drives, there is a thread about getting the drivers to work on originally unsupported drives.

As a last resort, you can use Nero InCD, but people report, that it often lacks reliability.



May useful to you?!

You cannot write to a DVD-RAM disc that is in a DVD-RAM/CD-RW combination drive



I think, he wants an UDF capable DVD-RAM driver…



Sorry, my fault!