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Hello, I’m entirely new to this board, so forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong spot.

I’ve just downloaded the DVD-RAM Driver and I have a question about it.

The DVD-RAM I’m trying to format is 4.7GB, but when I go to format it, I’m only offered 2.33GB as an option. Does anyone know why this would be?

The DVD-RAM drive is a Pioneer, originally from my G4 (circa 2000). I’ve upgraded the Mac, and installed the DVD-RAM drive into a PC running WinXP.

XP reads CDs just fine in this drive, but when I inserted the 4.7GB RAM disk, it gave me an I/O error, which is why I wound up on this forum, downloading the DVD-RAM Driver software.

Thanks for any tips about getting the software/OS to see the real capacity of the DVD-RAM disk.

Pionerr made DVD-RAM drives ?! wow, never heard of this one before.

Suposedly if it’s really a pioneer (and not a rebadged Matsushita), it sounds like your drive only supports DVD-RAM v.1.0. Such drive only supports discs of 2.5G capacity per side not the new DVD-RAM 2.0 4.7G/side discs.


DVDRAM_WinXP.exe is a newer release than DVDRAM_WinXP_English.zip

Does anyone choose to use this Matsushita package rather than Ahead’s InCD when given that option and if so why?

In the manual, UDF 1.5 is recommened for PC data and UDF 2.0 for video recording. InCD recommends 1.50 for CD-RW and DVD+RW but 2.00 for DVD-RAM (and also likewise offers 1.02 and FAT32 but additionally 2.01 and 2.50). So it seems the folks at Ahead, like me, think it is easier to format DVD-RAM with 2.0 so they can be used for both video recording and PC data. Is there any disadvantage to UDF 2.0 if Mac compatibility is not required (presumably built-in compatibility as opposed to with third-party drivers similar to Windows)?

What is the purpose of “Real Time Files” and “Metadata Partition” from the later standard specs?

UDF 1.02: first release; primarily useful for read-only media like DVD-ROM.
UDF 1.50: includes defect management, useful for CD-R and CD-RW.
UDF 2.00: adds support for Stream Files, Access Control Lists, and power calibration.
UDF 2.01: adds support for Real Time Files.
UDF 2.50: adds Metadata Partition.

I’ve been searching for information about the different udf formats myself.

power calibration: a little bit more of the disk is reserved so that the recorders can adjust the laser strenght here before recording the data ?
Access Control Lists: digital rights management ?
Real Time Files: for tv set-top dvd recorders ?
Metadata Partition: faster directories ?

May I know is there any DVD-RAM Driver Download for Win98SE system?
My LG DVD Writter is GSA4160B, it doesn’t come with any DVDram driver like the previous models. I hay using INCD which come with my driver bonus pack CD.

Hi, Kenshin,

I have D/L the DVDRAM driver posted in this forum and tested it with my LG GSA4160B. It works fine in WinXP. But I need the driver for Win98SE. DO U know where I can D/L the driver for Win98SE?

Thanks in Advance!

You can look here or here

The second specifically talks about Lg drives, but i didn’t test it yet


There seems to be an update for the DVD-RAM drivers which can be found under:


After applying the update I can see the following versioninformation (XP):



meiudf.sys - Ver
Formatierdienstprogramm (DVDForm) - Ver
Schreibschutz-Tool (WPTool) - Ver
DVD-RAM-Dienstprogramm (DVDTool) - Ver
RAM-Hilfswerkzeug(RAMASST) - Ver

if you get any answers that help I would like to get the informatation since I have the same problem. piszek@yahoo.com thank you

Kenshin: when I snap on the English or executable links I get this message:

The requested URL /~kenny/driver/dvdram/DVDRAM_WinXP.exe was not found on this server.

Did you move the drivers?

Which problem is that? There are a few discussed above? Were you looking for a Win98SE DVD-RAM driver?

Panasonic DVD-RAM Driver (should work with all drives that support it) :

Win2K : http://www.scambia.com/download.php...gy&size=3149875
WinXP : http://www.scambia.com/download.php...gy&size=2548478

Installation instructions :unzip and run setup.exe in the folder Disk1

Yes, long ago, perhaps in 2004. (Also last updated very long ago.)


(Some DVD-RAM driver links near the bottom.)

Hmm… sorry the links I have above don’t work. They were incomplete. Here is a corrected version, and also includes the Win98SE/WinME version for those looking for it :

Panasonic DVD-RAM Driver (should work with all drives that support it) -

Win2k : http://www.scambia.com/download.php?id=14388&cat=Technology&size=3149875

WinXP : http://www.scambia.com/download.php?id=14389&cat=Technology&size=2548478

Win98SE/WinME : http://www.scambia.com/download.php?id=14900&cat=Technology&size=3311546

Thank you :flower:

Just tried, still can’t access.

Not sure which file you tried.

DVD-RAM UDF Drivers Matsushita Kotobuki UDF Reader for Windows 2000 English Oct. 24, 2003 (ZIP) English May 26, 2003 Spanish French German Italian Korean Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Japanese DVD-RAM UDF Drivers (RAR) English Oct 24, 2003 English May 26, 2003 Spanish French German Italian Korean Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Japanese






Try any of the above.

Can’t say they are latest releases as they were updated quite long time ago.

Hi Kenshin

Just tried to download a couple of the English XP drivers (the second and last ones in your list)…got an error “Internet Explorer cannot download <driver>. The Connection with the server was reset.” :sad:

Thanks in advance if you can shed any light on it!

Edit: I tried in Firefox too, so I don’t think it’s an IE problem :slight_smile:

There seems to be some problems in hosting these drivers.
I have made up 2 versions of the DVD-RAM drivers for both Win XP and 2K.
I’m quite happy to host these and can update these when needed. August 5th 2005 for Win XP (2.09MB) August 5th 2005 for Win 2K (2.64MB)

Driver Software
meiudf.sys - Ver
Format Software(DVDForm) - Ver
Write Protect Tool(WPTool) - Ver
DVD-RAM Utility(DVDTool) - Ver
RAM Assistance Tool(RAMASST) - Ver June 21st 2005 for Win XP (1.9MB) June 21st 2005 for Win 2K (2.5MB)

Driver Software
meiudf.sys - Ver
Format Software(DVDForm) - Ver
Write Protect Tool(WPTool) - Ver
RAM Assistance Tool(RAMASST) - Ver

These drivers are from Panasonic but will work with any DVD burner not just Panasonic.

Enjoy :slight_smile: