DVD-RAM Drive?

I have an HP DVD Writer 840x. When I create a DVD from an AVI, or other file format, the recording seems to be successful except that no software or hardware DVD players will recognize them. Also, when trying to view the contents of the disc in windows explorer, the HP drive is listed as a DVD-RAM Drive. Any ideas of what is going on here?

Thank You

There is no problem other than driver problems by some 3rd party softwares.

When windows explorer lists the drive as a DVD-RAM drive it means that it has DVD-RAM support [in addition to anything else]. This is normal if the drive has DVD-RAM capability.

As for making the DVD from AVI - what software are you using? Are you ending up with IFO’s, BUP’s and VOB’s [simple but stupid mistakes from some people]? And what are you using to burn it? Nero? Are you selecting DVD-Video type and putting the VOBs, BUPs and IFOs in the Video_TS folder? Does the Reallocation Process finish correctly?

Otherwise, maybe the type of discs you’re using may not be recognised by the players you are trying them on - try DVD-R and DVD+R and see if there’s a difference. See whether booktyping is possible on that burner to improve compatibility with DVD+R discs?