DVD Ram drive not playing cd's.Helpppp!

Inside the my computer My dvd burner showes as DVD-RAM .When I put a dvd-r or dvd+r it comes up as a cd drive.When I put a cd in it it still says DVD-RAM but when I right click an choose explore it comes up with an empty window.I put in a dvd and it plays.I put in simms 2 pets pc cd and the drive goes back to DVD-RAM and can’t play or open the cd.I put in a music cd the same thing.I put in a pc dvd game and it works.

Just by what I just wrote it seems as though the cd drivers are missing.What can I do to reinstall the drivers if the on a pc cd???
I have a LG HT-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55L I think at least thats what comes up in the properties.


Thanks in advance

There are two separate lasers in DVD burners, one for DVD and the other for CD media. If you have problems with CD only (both pressed and burned discs) the it is probable that the drive is damaged. You can still use it to read/write DVDs, but it is useless for CDs.

To be sure that the drive is damaged, try this simple test. Try to boot from a CD disc (a good test is a live distribution of Linux). If the computer is able to boot from the CD with no problems, then the drive is certainly working, and the problem must be somewhere in the softwares installed in your computer.

Be sure to set correctly the boot sequence in the BIOS, so the first device boot is the LG drive, or this test will be useless :slight_smile:

It is normal for XP to show the drive as a DVD-RAM drive since it is. It is also normal for XP to show the drive as CD when you insert a DVD. Make sure you have an 80 wire IDE cable.