DVD-RAM Drive Does Not See Media On DVD-R Discs?



I have burned multiple DVD-R discs using my DVD-RAM Drive,But when I put the discs back in my PC says Blank Disc?I know it burned media to the disc because I can see it on the disc.Does DVD-RAM Drives write DVD-R discs But Not Read Them?I am using XP.I used Magic ISO and Ashampoo to burn all the discs.First I tried burning ISO,s then I tried burning a Data DVD’s:confused:I used Sony 4.7GB DVD-R Discs.Please Help!


Does the drive read commercially made dvds? Can you play a movie dvd in the drive? If you don’t have a program for playing dvds, try VLC, which can be found here: www.videolan.org

But first, lets try the Microsoft Fix It tool. You can get to the tool by clicking the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives[/I] Follow the instructions on that page.

I’m not familiar with Magic ISO. Can it extract data from a cd or dvd? You might try the free version of ISOBuster just to see if it can find the files on your data disk. Lets see if the drive can read something that way if the Fix It tool doesn’t solve anything.


I found a fix for this problem!I had to Completely remove Damon Tools and uninstall SPTD.Now I can Write and Read discs just like before!:clap:If you want to delete the SPTD drivers then download SPTD from here and click Uninstall.After That Restart Your PC.There you go problem fixed.It took me 11 hours to fix this LOL.Thank everyone for their help!:smiley: