DVD-RAM disk mystery



I have new Samsung SH-S182M multi-drive that handles DVD-RAM discs (outside the cartridge)

I have a Panasonic double-sided DVD-RAM disc and one side reads/writes fine, FAT32 and I can use it ok.

The other side has some weird files on it that I don’t remember putting there. Windows XP is unable to format the disc at all. Browsing ‘My Computer’ shows this side of the disc as ‘CDFS’ file system, and these strange files are on it, filling it right up (see below)

Anyone any idea how I can format this side to make it usable?


Try to use ImgBurn to erase the disc.

I use ImgBurn to erase all my rewritable and RAM media :slight_smile:


These are the test files created by Nero CD-DVD Speed. Use it or the recording software that came with your Samsung to erase the disc.


That side of the disk must be protected, and if that’s the case this is probably the reason why XP doesn’t format it.
Panasonic DVD-RAM driver has software to protect/unprotect discs, as well to format them.
However, CDfs is a Linux file system. You may try to format the disc under Linux to FAT32. To do that you can get one of those live distributions that run from a CD/DVD, but for that you need to have 2 drives in the machine - one to run the OS and the other to (re)format the disk.
Sorry if this is not the case…