DVD_RAM disc formatting for Panasonic dmr-e55



I’m trying to record a full DVD (.vob and .IFO files) onto a DVD-RAM disc with Nero 7 and getting nowhere.

Coding looks good as the record progresses but when I try to play it in the Panasonic player/recorder I get an ‘unformatted’ error message. I’ve tried formatting the disc in the Panasonic before re-recording the files via my PC, but Nero produced a message saying the disc isn’t empty. If I ask Nero not to erase the files before proceeding the record is aborted. If Nero removes the files, I’m stuck with an ‘unformatted’ movie again that won’t play.

I’m using a brand new DVD-RAM disc, and don’t have any problems using them to record on the Panasonic.

Any ideas appreciated - I’ve gone through the above steps several times, trying to see where I’ve gone wrong :sad: