DVD-RAM Difficulties

Using Nero Express 6, a completely formatted Memorex DVD-RAM disc and my LG GSA-2166D DVD-Burner, I’m able to burn data to a disc without a problem. However, I cannot delete from or add to the disc. I’ve set Nero to “Allow Files to be Added Later”, but it seems to be treating the burn as a standard CD-R session.

Any help you can give me? Let me know if I need to be clearer. Being new to this, I may have given a muddled description.

If it helps any, when I try to delete files, I get a Windows message saying that the files on this CD are read-only.

Are you using InCD or DVD-RAM driver?

Just to show off how naive I am about all this, I’ll tell you that I really don’t know. I only know that I’m using Nero Express to burn the data. I don’t seem to have any program entries for either of the programs you mentioned.

Go to this page and download the drivers for your OS DVD-RAM Drivers
Dump InCD and load the drivers you just downloaded… then check back in…

Two questions:

  1. How do I dump INCD if I don’t appear to have it?

  2. Do I load all three drivers for XP that are listed?

  1. Go to add/remove programs and double check…
  2. Download the newest ones, 5025

Nothing for InCD under Add/Remove Programs.

Download and install drivers… reboot and you should have another drive shown…

Excellent! I had no drives added, but now I can drag/drop to the DVD drive with no problems. I only have two questions left (I think).

  1. When I drag a large file to the DVD drive, it shows up in that drive instantly. Is it supposed to be that simple? I expected some burning to time to occur.

  2. Will loading those drivers affect the way regular CD+R’s get burned? Will any settings need to be changed when I go from one type of CD to another?

  1. Normal for DVD-RAM…
  2. No…

Thanks so much! You rock! Backups are a breeze now. I really appreciate it.

You’re welcome…We try to please around here…
Have a good one.