DVD-RAM Destroyed Through Erase Error?

Hi there,

I am new in this forum, but tried to find an answer to my question through the search function, and couldn’t find one. So, here is the question:

Today, I tried to fully erase a Verbatim DVD-Ram with Nero. This took quite a while and unfortunately I shut down the PC before it was finished. :o

Now, the DVD-Ram can’t be formatted anymore it seems. Neither through InCD, nor NERO nor the DVD-Ram drivers I found here, nor DVDINFO Pro. It always stops. With some programs after roughly 50 %, with others directly, with an error that, depending on the program, says something like “unknown/unsupported format”.

I am using the LG GSA-4120B with A111 on Windows XP SP2.

Is there any way to restore the DVD-Ram to its original state, like a low-level format?

Many thanks for any help!!

I shall add that psysically the disk seems to be clean and in perfect order.

Does no one have an idea?

Is there any way to “low-level”-format a DVD-RAM?

Any LG owners have an idea on this one? :slight_smile:

I’m not very experienced either. Just had two DVD-RAM media so far. One Maxell 3x and One Maxell 5x both bundled in LG drives, 4082 and 4120.

The 5x DVD-RAM media seemed to have some problems. I never solved it. I didn’t bother with it much because 4.7GB single-sided DVD-RAM media without cartridge is not that different from 4.7GB single-sided DVD+R media also without cartridge but supports up to 16x speed. For my uses, DVD+R seems to be best. Perhaps some people have had similar experiences and have some tips.

I would think erasing dvd-ram media with Nero is a no-no, although I have never tried it.

I have always used the dvd-ram formatter which comes with the driver. It has a quick format option and a physical format option. I would think that you would need to use the latter.

You can format the disc as FAT, as an alternative to UDF.

I cannot check the position at the moment, as I have sold my LG 4040, and its replacement (LG 4120) has not yet arrived (due today).

Thank you for the answers, and thank you Wesociety for moving the thread!

I have always used the dvd-ram formatter which comes with the driver. It has a quick format option and a physical format option. I would think that you would need to use the latter.

I tried that, and indeed, this got me farthest - however, after about 50% through the process stopped with an error…

Of course this is not tragic, the media cost just €4,- however, I would like to understand the error and find a way of low-level formatting it.

It is possible that the disc is no longer formattable.

Are you using the latest version of the dvd-ram formatter? And the latest firmware?

My LG4120 has now arrived and I have installed the formatter (the txt file is dated 10 September 2004) :

Driver Software
meiudf.sys - Ver
Format Software(DVDForm) - Ver
Write Protect Tool(WPTool) - Ver
DVD-RAM Utility(DVDTool) - Ver
RAM Assistance Tool(RAMASST) - Ver

try to burn your -RAM media with any aprox. 4.7 Gb ISO compilation…
Use another burner

then try to full-format your disc in your LG drive

It must work…

It worked wit my maxell 3X media bundled with gsa-4040b

Good Luck


when you use nero to erase your dvd ram, nero installs their filing system on the disc. you need the correct filing system (udf i believe) for your dvd ram to work. get roxio 6+. when ram drives first came out, only roxio was able to format, erase, read, etc. your ram disc. now, it seems that other software like nero will write to the ram disc, and will erase it, but you need roxio to reformat it.

Hi Guys,
I try eveything you guys have said above, but still the DVD-RAM disk cannot be recovered. Any other solution or sofware to reformat the disk?

Panasonic formatting application its a possible candidate, but you have to try to find a post in this forum where you get the instructions how to install it, as last versions seem to be dedicated to their hardware during the installation process, besides the table of compatible drives include a lot of them (several LG models).
Have you tried to format from XP as FAT32, within the disc manager or disk administration application? Because you can format DVD-RAM just any other PC disk, it could eventually work+

not sure about DVD-RAM, but I killed a brand new Verbatim 4x DVD-RW (made in singapore) w/ my 4120b.

i was writing to it for the 1st time w/ CD-DVD Speed, and i interuppted the write process (can’t really remember how and why). Now even though the drive can still write to it, the inner (starting) part of the disc has gone bad and can’t be read. Lots of PIFs at the start.

I have made a modified Panasonic DVD-RAM driver (Latest
You can find it here : http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7592
Zip down near the bottom of first post there you will find the link (I can’t direct link due to Hotlink protection)
Install this, it will end with an error ignore this (part of my mod as it was only usable by Panny Drives) but it works just fine.
Now you can use Panasonics DForm to format the disk (low level as well)

Hope this helps.