Dvd ram converting

hiya all,
firstly sorry if i have double posted,
my problem is has follows
6 weeks ago i went on a cruise and took video footage on my camcorder dvd ram.
trying to watch the videos i was bitter that my dvd players didn’t play ram :a .
so i got hold of tmpgenc dvd author and i have managed to convert the video, BUT i am having problems with the audio side of things!

when browsing the cd in my dvdrom i have 2 files Vr.manager.Bup and Vr.movie.Vro. it’s the vro file that i converted, upon placing the file in tmpgenc i can watch all the video 1.39gb and all has audio, but the software is telling me that the file is only 4.47mins long and hence when i have converted, and play back in my dvd player i get all 1.39gb of video but only 4.47mins of sound. any got any idea what my problem is and how could i resolve it???

kindest regards
thecad ( mark )

My experience with another package (Ulead VideoStudio and DVD-VR from a home recorder) works if I “import” the disc’s files, and afterwards I can edit them as Mpeg2 DVD compatible and author a DVD.
So, it is not just a matter of placing the VROs in the timeline.
I don’t know if tmpgenc has an import facility that allows it to generate the mpeg2 files from the vro ones, but if that’s the case you should try it (vro and mpeg2 are not exactly the same and some applications may require the adequate format to the timeline).
Sorry if this is not your prob, just a tip.