Dvd ram converting problems please help?

hiya all, i’m having shit loads of probs :a :
let me tell you a little story…lol
i went on a cruise 8 weeks ago around the carribean, i recorded loads of footage on my comcorder. i can now only watch the videos on my pc( dvd ram disc’s).
i searched the net for some software to convert to dvdr, i came across a thread on this site instructing that tmpgenc.dvd author was the only/best software to use.
getting to the point i have converted the video and the quality was brilliant except for the audio :a .
when i browse the folder(dvd ram) in dvdrom, i get vr_manager.bup(31kb) and movie.vro file (1,357 kb) the vro file is the 1 i converted.
when i insert the vro file into tmpgenc it tells me it’s only 4.47mins long, but the complete 1.37gb of video converts(1 disc i have 4 to convert) , but i do in fact only get 4.47 mins of audio, it just cuts off at that point in the movie and continues the play back, if i play back in the dvdrom i get all the audio, what am i doing wrong? could anyone please please help?
kindest regards
thecad( mark )

You could try Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, as it handles those files well, or you could use a DVD-RW to record instead, which should give you the standard VIDEO_TS folder instead of the one given by the DVD RAM disk.

With my Panasonic, if I use DVD-RW, I can open the VIDEO_TS folder in DVD Shrink or just about any other free or commercial app that handles DVD’s.

Ulead VideoStudio editor is supposed to accept DVD-VR, and there’s a fully functional trial version available for download. You might try that. The Ulead MovieFactory might also do the job for you, or any of their tools for that matter.

The problem is that some programs don’t correctly read the navigations file, as you have discovered, so you only get the first session, or only the last.

You might also check your camera documentation to see what they have to say about transferring to PC.

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 handles 'em awesome. It seemed to get all the sessions I recorded on there without any problem.

hook a DVD S52 to your DNR ES15/25 and simply copy the DVDRam to DVD-R.