Dvd ram changes into a cd rom ? very confused newby

Hiiii, i don’t know how this work. So here goes, hope you understand and thank you so much to took time to read my thread.

Ive been burning dvd’s for the past year and a half now, whitout any problems. And now, notta can’t anymore. It seems my computer can’t recognized my dvd ram anymore. When the drive is empty it does say dvd ram, but when i insert a dvd movie disk or a dvd blank disk it switch to cd rom drive. Did not change anything or replace anything. Got no virus… I have a LG burner. My burner does read cd’s or play, but doesn’t read or play dvd’s anymore. I also have a decoder install. Was working fine for a year and a half, just decided to stop. I would appreciate any help. Let me know if u need any additional info.

Thank you very much

How old is you burner? And how updated is the firmware? Is the DMA on? What kinda media are you using? Check your cables? Could be the drive has gone bad on you-but test it by putting it into a working computer system to test the drive.

hi coolcolors, ty for your reply. My burner is a year and a half old. Dma on, firmare?? where do i find that. Cables are fines and im using dvd+r media, used them for year and a half. I should mention my graphic card working, but in need of a change (2 years old) Radeon 9200, i do have the right drivers for card but my computer system still crash when i play a game. Could that be a reason for my dvd problem? Happen all at the same time.

This is just an cosmetical stupid bug in explorer, nothing to worry about.