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Is there any advantage in getting a burner which will write DVD-Ram? I ask because I’m quite confused as to what DVD-Ram actually does. I always thought RAM stood for Random Access Memory and I can’t quite see how this relates to a DVD disk.


if you dont know what it is or what it does then you dont need it :wink:


May be this will help you about DVD-Ram http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/D/DVD_RAM.html


From my interpretation of “common wisdom”…

The most robust/reliable rewrite format.
The least supported (both in write and even reading)
More expensive for media

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-RAM - a very detailed description
My understanding (I could be wrong) is that DVD-RAM is TRACKED (like a hard disk) rather than spiral, so it does have random access capability for bothe reading and writing.

It can’t hurt to have a “triple format” drive like the LG, so long as you check the reviews and find the performnce acceptable on the more mainstream media types, as unless you also have a DVD-ROM drive with DVD-RAM reading, the use of DVD-RAM media will be confined soley to the writer.

One thing I’d like to see, is a drive that supports DVD-MRW mode (Mount Rainier) - a promising, and in the end, reasonably well supported CD-RW feature that put a large chunk of packet write error handling in the hands of the drive, but a miserable lack of support in DVD writers!


Thanks - it must be nice to be sarcastic.


Thanks to all who replied.


I’m not sure whether it was meant as a sarcasm. If someone doesn’t know about DVD-RAM, one really doesn’t need to buy or use DVD-RAM. DVD-RAM is quite for the “niche” market in DVD recordables. Though the best-selling DVD writer is LG’s “Super Multi” drives that also have DVD-RAM 5x writing, the DVD-RAM specification is mostly just for a good press release. Hardly anyone who has GSA-4163B (or GSA-4160B or GSA-4120B) uses DVD-RAM on a regular basis. I don’t though I have had literally tens of thousands of CD and DVD recordable disks. Mr. Brownstone probably meant the same thing.


Thanks Kenshin you are exactly right, this was not meant as sarcasm at all, i was simply trying to state the fact that DVD-RAM is as Kenshin says for a small minority of people and more of a marketing tool than anything and not important to the average customer without having to go into the inner workings of explaining what DVD-RAM is and why you wont really need it.


If I only bought or looked into things I already knew about I would have missed most of what this site is all about and that would be very unfortunate.


Still waiting for LG GSA-4165B. :frowning:


Perhaps I shouldn’t ask questions? I thought a forum was a place where one could get answers from people with practical experience. I suppose I could go through life simply ignoring everything I know nothing about on the basis “If you don’t know already, you don’t need to”


although i agree with you that you should be asking questions here…a simple google search for “dvd-ram” turned up this:


I did do a ‘simple’ Google search but I also wanted ‘hands-on’ experiences. Is that a problem? I realise I am a ‘newbie’ but everyone has to start somewhere and where better than a forum or should we all use Google only?

Perhaps you have never asked a question on the forum but only use Google?


perhaps you can put some effort in yourself and read up on the topic…there’s plenty of info and “hands-on” experiences documented here and elsewhere…

don’t get all huffity because you’re too lazy or lack the reading comprehension to find out things for yourself as opposed to asking others to cater to you and answer a VERY BASIC question…

don’t get me wrong, i think forums are for asking questions…but it irks me (and others) when the same old questions get asked over and over before users like yourself don’t do your due diligence…

  1. I did read up on the topic. I wanted however to get advice COMPLEMENTING the information I had. I’ve never asked anyone to ‘cater to me’. If the original question was not an intelligent one (and who’s to say what is and what is not an intelligent question?) why bother to answer in the first place?

  2. I am neither lazy nor lack reading skills or comprehension. Perhaps my English is not perfect, but is yours?

  3. Perhaps you could point out all the “same old questions” that have been asked over and over.

Incidentally, the phrase “don’t do your due diligence” is not good grammar.

  1. if you did read up then why are you so confused…as you stated in your initial post?
    here are some examples of threads that contain “user experiences” as well as discussions regarding the pros and cons of the DVD-RAM format: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=130713&highlight=advantages+dvd-ram
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i never said your question was unintelligent but rather that it was redundant…

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  2. that would be too painful…

regarding your correcting my grammatical mistake…thanks :rolleyes: