DVD-RAM any better than RW's?

I’m about to purchase my first stand-alone DVD Recorder, to finally replace my VCR, but i have no idea which model to pick. I’ll probably base my choice on the ability to work with DVD-RAM or not. First, i need to find out how important that is…

Whats exactly the benefits of recording cable tv/VHS on a DVD-RAM compared to a RW???

Is it better than RW when it comes to transfering the videos to a PC for editing and authoring??

Theres any REAL technical plus, or just the fact that DVD-RAMs can be rewritten many more times than a RW??

thanks for any explanation…

geez, no comments?? maybe i posted this on the wrong section of this forum. sorry!..

Post on the blank media forum…and yes if your home player supports it ram is generally better.

I believe RAM can be erased and rerecorded more times than RW. Make sure your pc recorder can take RAM.

Most of the arguments of DVD-RAM versus +RW/-RW have been well-worked through by now.

AFAICS the only claimed advantage for recording AV material is the often-quoted 100,000 (RAM) versus 1,000 (+RW, -RW) potential rewrite cycles. Obviously you have to set this (notwithstanding the statistical basis for these figures), against the discs being slightly more expensive.

How much this will make a difference to your perceived recording habits is probably not for us to judge, without further information.

Don’t forget the on-the-fly error correction. I have found very little that is reliable with RW media whereas I have had superb results with RAM. Now that the cost is just a little over $1, more people will try it out.

That doesn’t match with my admittedly selective experience using +RW discs, but your point about DVD-RAM error correction is indeed well-made :).

Which +RW discs do you use. I am always looking for a better brand now that RICOHJPNW11 has crapped out.

I still have a few ancient (>2 y.o.) RICOHJPNW11 that work reliably on my Philips DVDR880 :eek:… (but let’s NOT go there… :wink: ).

How have RICOHJPNW11s not been good? You can still get them here in UK and although I haven’t bought any recently, are you referring to an MBI manufacturing issue?

Otherwise, a batch of ten Verbatim MKM A02s have been sterling in their performance for many months.

The last three batches of the W11s I tried were totally trash. Burns were unreadable on any drive I tried so I am through with them as a lost cause. A real shame as they used to be great. I’ll give your Verbatims a try.


I’m not surprised with that result. Your purchasing source is reliable? What standalone recorder were you using them with?

The last came from Sony. They were all burned on a number of different drives (Pioneer, Liteon, BenQ, NEC, LG) and the poor results were when scanning; PIF errors peaking at the 100s.

OK… that sounds grim.

Just to mention I’m basing my relative success on using all +RW discs at 1x on a standalone DVD recorder and ripping with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. I’m afraid I’ve not definitively tested them by recording at higher speeds on a PC burner and running them through, say, CD Speed.

Some RICOHJPNR01 +Rs I have assessed this way on a BenQ 1640 (BSLB f/w; SB on; WOPC off), but the Ricoh +RWs, no.