Do DVD-RAM drives, for example GSA-4163, support these old Panasonic PD media?? (Phase Change).


No they wont.
But i think there was a very old SCSI Panasonic DVD-RAM drive which could write PD.Must be about 5 years ago…


I don’t know whether the latest Panasonic (Matsushita Kotobuki) DVD writers can write to PD media but some of the past Panasonic drives could. LG drives do not support PD as they are based on Hitachi design. Samsung once used Panasonic design.


Recent Panasonic DVD-RAM drives does not support PD. Only ancient 2.6GB SCSI model (LF-200, approx. $700, 1999) supported PD (I remember that PD is READ-ONLY at LF-200).

I have PD/CD-ROM combo drive, Panasonic LF-1000 SCSI internal model, and some PD medias. PD is soooooooo slow! I will not use PD any more.