DVD-Ram and lg 8020B

I whould buy a dvd writer. I noticed that lg 8020B can write dvd-ram. But what are the benefits of using dvd-ram?? At which speed is write a dvd-ram? On lg’s site there is write that lg 8020B can write dvd-ram up to 2x, but how many mb/s is 2x for dvd-ram??

it will take 30min to burn a full 4.3 gig. however -RAM verifies the data automatically so that will double the time(you can avoid verify with software but it loses the point of using -RAM). the benefits of using a -RAM is that it’s like hdds, removable, runs without software, and has sector like stuff, if it detects bad sectors in the disc, it will not write on that and skip it. it is very effetive for ones who use this as pure storage. the media is usually expensive because the the disc is usually double sided, and it has the cartridge thing. i hear that the new panasonic drive for -RAM is very good.

Many thanks for the info