DVD-RAM: all made in Japan are TY?

I’m speaking of Japan, BTW. I saw in a store in Akihabara yesterday, per 10 discs: TY DVD-RAM=2240 yen, Mitsubishi DVD-RAM=1295 yen, Victor DVD-RAM=995 yen. All three packaging indicated ‘Made in Japan’.

I tried the Mitsus and the discs are plain white on top. Backside has the same copper color and pattern like my TYs. TYs I guess?


use a tool like DVD Identifier to see, what MID is used. Many DVD-RAM are Panasonic discs.


DVD-Ram Made in Japan is usually made either by Maxell or Panasonic. Verbatim use Panasonic-made discs.

I have Maxell 5x (MID=MXL16) with Made in Japan printed on the case.

Interestingly, my Panasonic 2-3x and Verbatim 3x (MID=M01J3003 for both) is made in USA.

Yep, Panasonic has a DVD-RAM and Blu-ray plant in Torrance, California.


TY doesn’t make DVD-RAM discs.

If that is true, I guess TY is exploiting their name by inflating the price on the DVD-RAM they sell!

Well, I guess I’ll buy the cheapest brand with ‘Made in Japan’ on the packaging.

MIJ DVD-RAM are made by Maxell, Panasonic and if you find some deadstock by TDK (very rare stuff).
Mitsubishi MIJ DVD-RAM is made by Panasonic.
I dont know who manufactures the Thats DVD-RAM…